Why Is Fit Testing So Important?

Fit Testing

If you’ve ever tried on a piece of clothing and felt it didn’t fit quite right I can promise you your body was never the issue, the garment is always 100% to blame. Clothes are meant to fit our beautiful bodies exactly as they are, not the other way around. 

It’s really important all of the pieces we design are not only extremely comfortable but that they also fit your body really well. This is why fit testing is so important.

Fit Testing

When designing a new garment we typically will do anywhere from 2-5 samples per piece (which typically also means 2-5 fittings per piece) before we’re happy with the design and fit of the garment. This can be a timely and costly process but it is such a crucial step to ensure we’re creating clothing that fits really well and that you will want to wear for many years to come.

But this is also why a lot of companies (mainly the ones who are launching hundreds of new items a day… I think you know the ones) tend to skip this step which is why those clothing items never seem to fit quite right.

Fit Testing

I truly want you to feel like your most beautiful, radiant and worthy self when wearing our clothing which is why fit testing is so important when it comes to creating clothing that fits your beautiful body (exactly as it is) really well <3

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