We believe in and apply the slow fashion model which is focused on creating intentional, high-quality clothing that is meant to last for years to come. It also values the fair treatment of people and the planet along the way.

Our mission is to create timeless, effortless and conscious clothing that you will love and wear for many years to come. Clothing that you will not only feel amazing in but also feel amazing about as it’s made with other humans and the environment in mind. 


Every item of clothing has been thoughtfully created with comfort, ease and versatility in mind and the timeless design allows for them to be worn for many years to come.

Our collections are made up of versatile pieces that can be effortlessly worn together as a set or easily paired with items from your own wardrobe. My intention is that you love and wear each of these pieces for years to come but also that you feel like your most authentic, beautiful and worthy self when wearing the clothing. 


We use the pre-order model as it helps to reduce the amount of waste and excess inventory by only producing what was ordered. It also ensures you get the size and colour you want as the clothing item is made specifically for you.

Every item is cut and sewn with so much love and care by our small partner studio in Calgary, Canada, which we visit regularly. When choosing a partner studio it was very important they shared the same values and had safe working conditions and paid fair wages.

Fabrics & Materials

We use natural and eco-friendly fabrics for all of our collections.

Linen is one of the most sustainable fabrics as the flax plant doesn’t need much water for it to grow and it is biodegradable. The linen we use is made from 100% European Flax fibers and has an antique washed finish, giving it a lived-in look and making it nice and soft from the start. It’s also Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified meaning it’s free from harmful chemicals and substances that are typically used when fabric and clothing is being processed. 

TENCEL™ Lyocell is produced through an environmentally responsible closed-loop process, which transforms wood pulp into cellulosic fibres. The fabric is soft to the touch, gentle on the skin and offers long-lasting comfort. It’s also thermal regulating, keeping your skin cool and dry throughout the day and night.

Our labels are also eco-friendly and made from undyed organic cotton. 


We use eco-friendly 100% recycled kraft mailers or 100% compostable mailers to ship our packages. Our thank you cards are printed on 100% recycled materials and our care instructions are printed on seed paper made from recycled waste. 

We are proud of our efforts towards sustainability and will continue to focus on improving these practices. If you have any ideas or feedback you would like to share on how to improve on our sustainability processes please reach out to us at!