Our Story

About Us

Nicole & Rose is a size inclusive slow fashion brand focused on empowering women to be their most authentic, beautiful and worthy selves. We aim to create timeless & effortless clothing that you will not only feel amazing in but also feel amazing about as it’s made with other humans and the environment in mind.

Our Collections

Our collections are made up of versatile pieces that can be effortlessly worn together as a set or easily paired with items from your own wardrobe. Each piece has been thoughtfully created with comfort, ease and versatility in mind and the timeless design allows for them to be worn for many years to come. Each piece is ethically made in Calgary, AB in small batches.

My intention is for you to feel like your most authentic, beautiful and worthy self. Every time you put on one of the pieces may you be reminded that you are seen, loved, worthy, and enough exactly as you are and always have been.

Founder Story

I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember and have always dreamed of starting my own clothing brand. For so long this dream felt like it could not be a reality for me and so I followed a more traditional career path… but in the back of my mind (and heart) I was always hoping this dream may someday somehow come true.

In the meantime I picked up other hobbies, sewing being one of them! At first the idea of sewing my own clothes felt intimidating, but I bought a sewing machine, watched a ton of YouTube videos and realized right away it was something I really enjoyed!

Sewing gave me a greater appreciation for clothes and really opened my eyes to how much time and effort can go into making clothing. It made me start to really question the fast fashion industry and how clothing was being made at such a quick (and cheap) rate. I dug deeper and discovered more and more about the harmful effects fast fashion has on humans, animals and the environment. 

As I continued to learn more about sustainability, I discovered some really amazing slow fashion brands. I loved their approach to creating ethical, sustainable and timeless clothing that is made to last; the opposite of fast fashion. I started to realize my childhood dream of creating a clothing brand might align with my values by starting a slow fashion brand - and so I took the leap! 

With Nicole & Rose I not only wanted to create a brand that values sustainability and ethical practices, but also makes others feel worthy, deserving and enough exactly as they are.

Because we all are worthy.

We are all more than enough exactly as we are.

I’ve seen so many women dim their light, afraid to be their true selves and step into their power (myself being on the top of the list!). And so more than just a clothing brand, I hope to create a community of empowered women who know they are worthy and enough just as they are. Because that is a very powerful thing.

You are seen. 

You are loved. 

You are enough. 

You are worthy. 

I hope you remember this and if you don’t believe it yet, I will keep reminding you until you do. 

With love & gratitude,